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Case Study

How Amio boosted the customer experience of Moneta customer support

Moneta Money Bank raised customer experience by reducing the support response time to customers’ questions using an AI chatbot.

Screenshot from Moneta's websiteMoneta chatbot
54 %
reduction in average response time
53 %
automation rate on chat channels
customer service


Pain - Prior to Amio, the high level of customer service depended on the high number of online bankers. Support peaks resulted in prolonging the response time.

Solution - Modern web-chat with AI virtual assistant responds to the majority of customers’ requests. Chatbot answers direct customers to self-service or connect to an online banker to keep a high level of experience. Customers are attracted to messaging channels with virtual assistants over non-automated channels
by proper placement in a mobile banking app, websites, and other
digital channels.

Result - Moneta Money Bank can scalably cover unexpected support peaks by adding new questions and answers into the model within a few minutes.

One of such significant cases happened with COVID-19 related questions or the merge of Wüstenrot Czech Republic where support load increased by more than 1.000%
within just a week.

Test the chatbot at:

Mobile phone with opened Moneta app.

About Moneta Money Bank

Moneta Money Bank is a digital leader in the Czech Republic with the aim to become the banking champion for Czech businesses and individuals. The mobile app Smart Banka became the result of such efforts being an absolute winner of the Mobile application competition, voted by the professional jury as the best On-line Application in Zlata Koruna, and receiving many other awards.

Moneta Money Bank wanted to broaden the digital experience with a self-service capabilities of a customer service. Key priorities were reducing the average response time to customers’ requests, high level of support experience, and full digital experience with self service capabilities.

Smiling young man using Moneta ATM
Jakub Komenda
Head of Digital Channels

The Amio platform together with their high level of expertise and know-how allowed us to get on the cutting edge of customer service.

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