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Case Study

Datart call center shifted focus on sales requests, Amio automates the rest

Datart starts supporting its growth with an extraordinary pre-sales experience. The same number of call center personnel could be taken with a virtual assistant covering after-sales cases.

Screenshot from Datart's websiteDatart chatbot
60 %
automation level on web-chat
22 %
requests deflected
to automated channel
days to launch


Pain - Datart was facing a high load of repetitive customers requests. The load was peaking with Black Friday sales and before the holiday season.

Solution - An AI virtual assistant - electro specialist - is available through Datart’s web-chat on all support and contact pages. It provides more than 200 answers to customers’ questions with the ability to be connected to life electro specialists.

Datart brand is strongly recognized throughout the logo as well as Richart - the electro specialist - who is the main character for advertisements. Both elements were used in the design and copy-write for the newly created virtual assistant to set up the customers’ expectations properly.

Result - Datart call center agents have more time to answer specific customers’ questions that are related to the parameters of electronics, goods comparison, and they can assists customers during their buying process more effectively.

Test the chatbot at:

Young man with yellow Datart polo shirt pointing diagonally upwards to the left side.

About Datart

Datart is a leading Czech consumer electronics e-commerce and retailer. Datart’s philosophy is to provide premium services across the whole buying process. Customers can pick up the goods in more than 100 stores or order the delivery, installation, and environmentally friendly disposal of their old appliances.

Datart wanted to reduce the response time of customers’ pre-sales questions to reach the customers right during the decision making-process. To shift the live agents’ focus on such requests with the same personnel count, the repetitive after-sales support had to be automated.

Group of Datart employees around the table looking at another Datart employee who is showing them a new smartphone
Vladimír Krejčíř
Head of Call Center

Thanks to Amio chatbot, we’ve discovered new and faster approaches to support our customers.

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