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AI chatbot platform built for e-shops

Build GPT-like bots that automate support, open sales chats, and increase conversions - all with happier customers!

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Improve support experience with higher efficiency

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80%+ automation

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AI for Non-Engineers

Your call center agents will  gain the ability to build AI chatbots.

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No-Code Builder

Designing a chatbot answer feels like answering the customer.

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Any support channel

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Chats & Messengers

Chatbot on any channel at once - web-chat, mobile chat, WhatsApp, etc.

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Calls & Email Deflection

Reduce the imbalance between channels - drive customers to the automated ones.

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3x more conversations

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Online Conversion

Detect those that need help with purchase and let the chatbot open conversations.

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Customization at Scale

Impress with custom-triggered messages based on time, location, URL, etc.

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Chatbots, in few clicks

Start with pre-trained e-commerce chatbot, adjust the predefined answers, and deploy the chatbot on the channel of your need.

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Chatbots with zero code

Call center agents, marketers, and managers - those can create and manage chatbots. With zero IT involvement - unless required, of course.

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Web-chat, Mobile Chat,
and any Messenger

Both business results, as well as customer experience, is driven by where and how you set your chatbot. Manage one chatbot, deploy it on multiple channels.

Illustration showcasing some of the channels Amio supports, including mobile in-app chat, Facebook, Web chat, Viber & WhatsApp

based on data

Observe the automation level, explore the most common topics, and analyze customers' feedback - from the high-level view down to a single conversation perspective.

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Chatbot integrated
to software landscape

The chatbot will know your customers' details in order to provide full responses. Those that cannot be processed will be passed on the live agents.

List of products, that Amio has integrations for, including, freshdesk, daktela, zendesk, salesforce, genesys, supportbox and more.

Find out how Amio can help grow your e-shop

Book a 30-minute session with Amio conversational AI expert where we will both find out how chatbot can help you decrease call center costs and improve customer experience.


Meet Datart Virtual Electro Specialist

Datart call center shifted focus on sales requests while chatbot automates the rest:

  • 76 % automation rate
  • 22 % deflection from phones and emails
  • Web-chat channel
  • Fallback to support e-mail

Preview of Datart's AMIO chat bot.
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Vladimir Krejcir
Head of Call Center

Thanks to Amio chatbot, we’ve discovered new and faster approaches to support our customers.

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