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Case Study

Franzensbad increases the amount and quality of leads with an AI chatbot

Amio chatbot detects customers who might need help and proactively opens a conversation. It answers repetitive questions and pre-qualify leads. The relevant ones are passed to sales agents

Screenshot of Františkovy Lázně websiteScreenshot of Františkovy Lázně chatbot
23 %
in leads
49 %
reduction of
unqualified leads
56 %


Pain - High customer support workload and a large number of poor-quality leads.

Solution - AI Chatbot answers questions from potential spa visitors. It also gathers relevant leads for the sales department.

The chatbot detects customers who need any assistance and proactively opens a conversation with such customers.

Result - More than 56% of customer queries are answered faster and automatically. This reduces the number of unqualified leads.

Proactive outreach leads to increased conversations with the chatbot and increases the amount of qualified leads by 23%.

Test the chatbot at:

About Franzensbad

Franzensbad Corp. offers wellness and spa stays in dozens of hotels. Online reservations are an important part of the sales strategy. High online conversion and a quality lead source thus influence business results.

Františkovy Lázně uses Daktela help desk for support and sales

Viktor Slezak
Viktor Slezak
Sales Director

Franzensbad has always been a pioneer in the spa industry when it comes to online business. We are one of the first spa resorts to implement a chatbot with artificial intelligence. Improving the customer experience, and streamlining the sales department and the call center happened on the first day of deployment.

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