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7 steps to build and integrate AI chatbot into Freshchat

December 1, 2023
February 28, 2024
AI & Freshchat

Freshchat, a customer messaging platform from Freshworks, is a great tool for real-time communication between businesses and customers - live chat, Messenger, etc.

The AI chatbot can automate repetitive interactions with your clients, enabling you to:

  • Have 24/7 customer support 🕛
  • Reduce response time to your clients 😁
  • Reduce your business operating costs 💰

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to build such a chatbot and how to integrate it into your Freshchat.

Step #1: Create an Amio account

Amio is an AI conversational platform that will help you to create your chatbot. It will answer customers’ questions and connect to live agents in Freshchat when needed.

Both Freshchat and Amio offer free trials, allowing you to test the software before making any commitments. You can sign up here:

Step #2: Create a chatbot using the Amio template bot

The easiest to start with is to create a bot from a template (i.e. e-commerce template) to expedite the bot creation process.

Image - Create a chatbot with Amio

After that, you can customize it to suit your company's specific requirements.

Step #3: Pick your channel

Choose the channel you prefer for your chatbot - Facebook Messenger, Viber, Webchat, Whatsapp, etc.

Image - Amio pick your channel

Step #4: Connect Freshchat to Amio

Image - Amio & Freshchat

Follow the instructions in Amio documentation to connect your Freshchat and Amio accounts.

Step #5: Implement handover to your live agent

In the Amio app, you can route customers from chatbot to live agent in Freshchat. For instance when the client wishes to connect with a live agent.

Image - Amio Implement Handover
Click the downward arrow beneath your answer to access the image below.
Image - Call operator in Amio
Select the "Call Operator" option for this question.

Ensure to specify the available times for your agents, and establish a fallback option to email when they are unavailable. You can do that by adding conditions on the amio platform.

Image - Sales Operator
From the first picture, you can see that from 9:00 - 17:00, an operator will be called.
Image - Conditions use case in Amio
When the condition isn’t met, during hours when your team isn’t available, the client will get a different response.

Step #6: Testing

Before making the chatbot accessible to all your site visitors, ensure thorough testing to confirm proper functionality. Verify that the transition to Freshchat occurs seamlessly.

The completed integration should follow this workflow:

Image - Test your Amio Chatbot
1. The user requests to talk to an operator, and the bot responds.
Image - Request of talking to a real person
2. In Freshchat, you receive a message displaying the history of the client's conversation, allowing your operators to respond directly within the platform.
Image - request to talk to a real person
3. Your response is visible in the user's chat widget.

Voila! Your chatbot is connected to Freshchat and your operators can handle all the requests that the chatbot wasn’t able to.

Step #7: Monitor and Improve

Regularly assess the chatbot's analytics in Amio, gather user feedback, and refine the chatbot based on user interactions.


That concludes the 7 steps to address your customer service requirements and implement a chatbot integrated with your Freshchat live agent account.

If you're interested in deploying this solution in conjunction with Freshchat, you can sign up at Amio. Share your preferences, and we'll ensure to assist you with any requirements you may have.

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Article by:
Urban Kopitar

I'm Amio's lead research and marketing specialist. Occasionally, I write about support automation, chatbots, e-commerce, etc.

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