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How to Build a Zendesk Chatbot

March 7, 2024
February 28, 2024

Chatbots have made it easier for businesses to handle their customer service. There are many chatbot types. These include button-based chatbots, AI chatbots with predefined answers, or GPT-powered chatbots.

This article covers how to integrate the Amio AI chatbot into Zendesk. First, I would like to address the elephant in the room. Why would you use Amio when Zendesk has its own chatbot and an app marketplace is full of others? 

Here are the main reasons why our customers prefer Amio over other GPT-like chatbots:

  • Internal knowledge base - load product feeds, documents, or scrape your websites to be used for GPT answers.
  • Combine it with generic knowledge - customers might have questions not mentioned in the provided materials.
  • Prompt design - specify chatbot how it will answer: tonality, copy-write, constraints, etc.
  • Combine with a regular chatbot - you might have “hard-coded” answers for some questions 
  • Context - consider the context from previous discussions, purchases, location on the web, etc.

 Simply put, because Amio will deliver better results.

Graphic - Zendesk's Website for AI

Now let’s see how simple it is to build a Zendesk chatbot with Amio.

Building a Zendesk Chatbot Using Amio:

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to implement an AI chatbot and integrate it into Zendesk.

Step #1 - Create an Amio Account

Start by setting up an account at Amio. We will contact you as soon as possible after you sign up.

Step #2 - Build the first version of a chatbot 

Start with a template bot in your language - for example, choose an e-commerce template in English.

Turn on answers that you prefer to have answered with your text.

Change answers according to your company and wishes.

Image - Our Chatbot Platform

Step #3 - Add Chat GPT

Image - How to add GPT in Amio Chatbot
  1. Feed ChatGPT with your product feeds, pdfs or static pages to help him answer your customer questions with correct information from your company. You can make him use his generic knowledge alongside your data from the company to ensure he will always be prepared for what the customer needs.
  2.  You can customize the prompt to make him reply in any way you want. He can speak in different languages, have different tonality, adopt different personalities and so on. The options are limitless. Make him into your dream customer service agent.

  1. Upload feeds, pdfs, static pages, etc.
  2. Prompt design
  3. Generic + custom knowledge

Step #4 - Select Your Channel.

Decide on the preferred channel for your chatbot. Options include Facebook Messenger, Viber, Webchat, WhatsApp, In-app Mobile Chat and so on.
You can access the channels from settings and add new channels there.

Image - An example of picked channels

If you will need any help with setting up your desired channels we will be there for you.

Step #5 - Connect Zendesk to Amio

Connecting Zendesk to Amio means your live agents don't need to work with another tool that they are not used to.

When a customer inquiry requires a personal touch or when the AI response doesn't quite hit the mark, the connector facilitates a direct handover to your live agents. The handover ensures that the customer concerns are addressed promptly.

Agents are presented with the full conversation history upon connection, allowing them to provide informed and immediate assistance.

For those times when agents can't respond right away, our chatbot is designed to bridge the gap. If an agent hasn't responded within a certain time decided by you, the bot takes over, capturing the customer's email and generating a Zendesk ticket for future follow-up.

This step allows you to make sure that customer requests always get handled.

To integrate this handover into your customer service workflow, get in touch with us, and we'll assist you with the setup.

Step #6 - Setup Handover to Live Agents.

Configure settings in Amio to route customers from the chatbot to a live agent in Zendesk. This is especially helpful for complex queries or when a client requests to speak with a human.

Image - How to add operator handover block

Step #7 - Test.

Before going live, test the chatbot to ensure it functions and transitions to Zendesk.

Step # 8 - Monitor and improve the chatbot continuously.

Gather user feedback and make necessary improvements based on user interactions.


An automation level of 95%
This means 95% of all your customer requests will be handled by our chatbot. Less work for you and your customer support team.

Image - Real clients results of their hautomation level from chatbot

This is a screenshot of results achieved by our client Footshop using our chatbot.

3x Conversion Rate
Immediate response in product recommendations or proactive outreach systems increases online conversion significantly. It positively impacts customer engagement and conversion rates. More about increased conversion in our blog post - How to increase your conversion rate

24/7 Support with Fast Replies
Faster replies, 24/7 availability, and multilingual capabilities greatly improve the overall customer experience. More about increasing the customer experience in our blog post - Customer Experience: The power of self service


Amio is ready to assist those interested in deploying this solution with your specific requirements. Contact us on for a demo, free trial, or a free consultation session. We can help you with setting up Zendesk and adding our chatbot for you. 

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Article by:
Urban Kopitar

I'm Amio's lead research and marketing specialist. Occasionally, I write about support automation, chatbots, e-commerce, etc.

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