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Case Study

Europcar's chatbot gets customers even when everyone is offline

Europcar uses the Amio chatbot to support potential customers 24/7 and convert them into leads for the sales team.

Screenshot from Europcar's websiteEuropcar chatbot
21 %
increase in collection of leads
67 %
average automation level
days to launch


Pain - Bounce rate of website visitors is high. Potential customers leave when they cannot find particular information or suitable car right away.

Solution - Chatbot is available to answer common question and offer help from a live agent to find out tailored solution.

Result - Europcar faced increase of qualified leads and consequent growth in online bookings

Test the chatbot at:

White car with Europcar logo as a license plate.

About the Europcar

Europcar is a provider of integrated mobility services. It offers a wide range of car rental or leasing services including vehicle rentals on a short-term basis, low-cost rental services, car-sharing, and booking services through its fleet of cars, vans,
and trucks.

The company needed a chatbot to automate incoming repetitive requests and collect leads from their websites.

Building with Europcar logo with cars parked next to it.
Vladimir Stefanovic
IT Executive

Setting up the chatbot and customizing the webchat was really quick. Plus, we got positive results within the first month of deployment.

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