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Case Study

Pilulka uses an AI chatbot to deflect requests

Pilulka deflects customers from email and phone to chat where the Amio chatbot automates the majority of requests.

Screenshot of Pilulka websiteScreenshot of Pilulka chatbot
74 %
chat requests solved by chatbot
9 %
deflection from phone and email
different languages and markets


Pain - A high number of requests on email, chat, and phone making customer support costly.

Solution - Chatbot automates a high percentage of requests. Various techniques are used to deflect traffic from email and phone to chat.

Result - Pilulka resolves 74 % of their chat requests with Amio and reduces the email and phone call workload by 9 %.

Test the chatbot at:

About Pilulka

Pilulka is an online pharmacy in 4 CEE countries offering various health and wellbeing products. They emphasize convenience with services like fast home delivery, their network of Pilulka lockers, or the best-rated mobile application for pharmacies by customers.

Pilulka also owns a network of physical pharmacies to complement its online presence, catering to a comprehensive pharmacy experience.

The company needed a chatbot to automate incoming repetitive requests through chat and to reduce traffic on email and phone.

Next plans

The cooperation between Amio and Pilulka has great potential to expand in the future:

  • Adding ChatGPT capabilities into Pilulka’s chatbot. Increase online conversion.
  • Email bot to reduce the workload on remaining email traffic. Increase support efficiency.
  • Voice bot to automate outbound calls to remind people to pick up their ordered products in Pilulka’s lockers. Reduce delivery operational costs
Tomáš Záruba
Chief Product and Technology Officer

Technology that reduces operational costs and at the same time improves customer experience was a no-brainer for us. I am looking forward to extending the Amio chatbot with GPT to increase online sales with the right product recommendation

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