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Case Study

Textilomanie’s chatbot and its expansion to multiple markets

Textilomanie's chatbot automates 70+ % of the domestic market. Expanding to 4 more languages was just a click away.

Screenshot of Textilomanie website.Screenshot of Textilomanie chatbot.
70 %
automation level
weeks for initial release
expansion to Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Poland
customer support


Pain - Textilomanie was struggling with many repetitive customer requests in several languages. For each country, they had to have at least one native speaker doing support

Solution - AI chatbot on its website in the form of a web chat automates the majority of customers’ questions.

Result - Textilomanie reduced the workload of repetitive questions for customer support agents so they have more time to answer important and more specific customers’ questions. Textilomanie now has 24/7 and fast support.

Test the chatbot at:

a bed with a blanket and a plant in front of it.

About Textilomanie

Textilomanie is an e-shop with bed linen, bedding, mattresses, and more. They have several brands operating across 6 countries. Because of their success and growth Textilomanie had an increasing number of repetitive requests coming in from customers.

They needed a fast solution for multiple languages that would work with the SupportBox help desk.

Lukáš Nejedlý
Lukáš Nejedlý
Chief Marketing Officer

The speed of setting up Amio's chatbot and ease of getting started surprised the whole team. We quickly reached automation level beyond our expectations

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