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Efficient E-commerce: Using Live Chat Without Live Agents

December 22, 2023
February 28, 2024

In the modern age, your customers need fast responses. That’s why your e-shop needs a live chat.

However, the cost of having live agents available 24/7 is high. Especially if you have a lot of support requests coming from different countries.

This blog post introduces a more efficient alternative: Employing an AI chatbot for live customer support.

Despite contrary belief, this will improve your customer experience. Chatbot manages initial inquiries and passes complex questions to your email support.

Now, let's dive into the details.

Why live chat is beneficial to your business:

Image - Amio Live chat

Increased Sales: Our customers have used live chat to increase sales in the past. They do it by generating leads, narrowing the selection, or providing product recommendations. If you want to learn more about this specific topic, we wrote a blog post diving deeper into this.

Graphic - Users with product recommendations have a higher conversion rate

conversion rate with chatbot vs overall conversion rate.

Personal Touch: Customers feel closer to the support through live chat than through channels like email.

Increase Trust: Customers trust companies with live chat more. They see them as more reliable.

Higher Satisfaction: Studies have shown that customers are more satisfied when there is live chat available.

Graphic - Higher satisfaction with chatbot

This shows the % of people surveyed who said that they were satisfied with their customer experience with live chat. You can see that the percentage has stayed higher than 80% for 6 years. This proves how valuable live chat really is to your customer satisfaction.

Why is it difficult to have a live chat?

Time Draining: Managing chats manually is time-consuming, especially as your customer base grows.

Expensive: At least one person must be dedicated to the chat. If there are a lot of requests coming in from customers, more people are needed.

Fast Responding: In e-commerce, delayed responses can lead to losing customers. Replying to customer inquiries quickly is crucial.

Closing Time Handovers: If no agents are available, it's important to avoid giving customers the impression that they're being ignored.

Smoothly transitioning conversations to available agents is essential but it's not always straightforward.

How to enable live chat for your business with no live agents - chatbot

70% Automation with Chatbots - Use a chatbot to answer common and simple questions, freeing up your team's time and effort. For example - An order status question can be easily answered by the chatbot. The chatbot is easy to build and can be ready in less than a week.

30% Deflect to E-mail: Some situations need human assistance. Pass such cases from the chatbot to your support e-mail. This way the customer doesn’t have to do any further steps and will only wait for an answer by email.

Image - Email fallback in chatbot

Product Recommendations - Use product recommendations in your chatbot. Clever suggestions without any human touch needed.

Image - Vasky Chatbot from Amio

Product recommendations through the chatbot.

Closing Time: You can use conditions to smoothly transition conversations in off hours. Set up the chatbot in a way that it knows when people are available and when they aren’t.

Image - Use of conditional answers in Amio Chatbot
Image - Use of conditional answers in Amio Chatbot


Live chat is important for your e-shop but might be expensive and hard to manage.

Chatbot will help you to reduce the operational costs of the live chat while improving customer experience.

At Amio, we’re ready to help you set up your first live chat and ensure it does not grow over the budget.

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Article by:
Urban Kopitar

I'm Amio's lead research and marketing specialist. Occasionally, I write about support automation, chatbots, e-commerce, etc.

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